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What is “caffè sospeso”? The Neapolitan tradition of paying it forward

Imagine yourself sipping your decadent coffee in an Italian cafè while people-watching. You overhear a customer asking the barista for two cups of coffee but only receiving one. Despite the situation, he looks content. Brimming with curiosity, you ask the customer why he ordered in this way. He replies that the second coffee is a “sospeso” and not meant for him; it’s for someone less fortunate who may be in need later.

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3 Books Every Italian Reads in School

Considering that Italy is an epicenter of culture and the arts, it’s no surprise that literature plays a critical role in Italian society. Starting from a young age, children are exposed to the greatest authors and stories to emerge from their country. These are the top 3 most commonly read books in Italian schools!

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3 Haunted Places to Visit in Italy

It’s time to explore Italy’s spooky side! If you’re intrigued by dark history and hauntings, you’ll be fascinated with Italy’s ancient castles, ruined palaces, former hospitals, abandoned orphanages, and ex-convents where eerie things happened! These walls are filled with stories and as some say, spirits too…

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Homemade pasta recipe: make your own tagliatelle!

Whether you like to cook (or simply to eat), pasta is always a winner! But have you ever tried making your own? It’s not as hard as it may seem, and we’re here to share a nonna-approved tagliatelle recipe that you can prepare at home (no pasta machine required). It doesn’t require many ingredients; only a bit of patience and practice!

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Who exactly was St. Francis?

Ever noticed that there are a ton of Francesco’s and Francesca’s in Italy?!

It’s all thanks to St. Francis, one of the “patron saints of Italy”. Like all saints, he has a day of the year in his honor (October 4th).

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5 Movies to You Help Learn or Improve Your Italian

Whether you’re a cinephile or not, movies are a great way to learn or improve a language! Italy has a very rich movie history, from silent films dating back to 1905 to the trademark “commedia all’italiana” that launched international stars like Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren.

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Top 3 Beaches in Northern Italy

In Italy, beautiful beaches await you from coast to coast. But our specialty is helping you discover all of the hidden gems this magnificent country has to offer! That’s why we’ve chosen three beach destinations in Northern Italy that only the locals know about.

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