Rome & Beyond

Italy’s capital city boasts a wide variety of experiences and activities. From archeological sites, to hidden trattorias, to an eclectic selection of easily accessible neighborhoods, Rome has something for everyone.

Featured Experiences

Pasta & Wine
Cooking Class

Learn the old secrets of Italian pasta from local experts! We'll make ravioli and fettuccine from scratch in a lovely countryside location near Rome.

We'll enjoy our meal together, along with delicious appetizers and sweets. Of course, we'll pair it all with locally sourced wine from the Lazio region!

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Fiat 500
Magic Ride

Zip around town like the Romans used to in the 50s and 60s - in the legendary Fiat 500!

Enjoy a picturesque route between the two most famous viewpoints in Rome, Gianicolo & Orange Garden. We'll pass through Trastevere, Tiberine Island, the Mouth of Truth, and finally Aventino Hill.

Roman Baroque
Walking Tour

Some of the most beautiful squares and churches in Rome were perfected during the Baroque era, in the XVII and XVIII century.

Every corner in Rome has a timeless charm and a story to tell, so this walking tour will be like stepping into Rome 300 years ago!

Did you know?

Forever Young

Even eternal cities have birthdays, and Rome’s is April 21st!

The best spot to catch the festivities is at the Pantheon, where the midday sunlight passing through the dome illuminates the entire building.

Rest in Peace

Wild cats can be found everywhere in Rome, especially by the meeting hall where experts believe Julius Caesar died.

Marked by a stone slab, it gives the appearance that the city's felines are watching over his tombstone.

Pasta Capital

Rome has a pasta museum (as the capital city must), where you can immerse yourself in this Italian staple.

It includes exhibits on the history of pasta, different shapes and variations, cooking methods, and its role in traditional cuisine.