Puglia is located in the south of Italy, on the “heel” of the country’s boot-shaped peninsula. Famous for its production of olive oil and wine, this region is recognized by locals for its beautiful beaches, historic towns and castles, and local specialties like orecchiette pasta and panzerotti.

Featured Experiences

Cooking Class

Learn how to make Puglia's classic orecchiette pasta in a private cooking class in a quaint country home.

Get insights into the Itria Valley's traditional cuisine with a local cook and prepare a meal featuring your freshly made pasta. Celebrate your new skill with wine and leave with a recipe and tips that you can show off to friends and family back home!

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Olive Oil

Enjoy a guided tour of a century-old orchard in the heart of Puglia. Learn the secrets behind the production of the country's finest olive oil, from harvest to table.

Of course, you'll have the opportunity to taste the product with fresh bread and see why it's the best in the world! Ask us about the best time of year to visit so you can see the harvest and oil mill in action.

Tour of Alberobello
& Matera

Discover the unique beauty and history of the region of Puglia on a tour of these two charming areas.

Start in Alberobello, an UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its unique trulli houses, whose conical-roofed structures are characteristic of the region. Then discover the ancient sassi cave dwellings of Matera that have been converted into charming homes and hotels.

Did you know?

World-Famous Olive Oil

Puglia is world-famous for its olive oil, which is known for its high quality flavor and traditional production process. Some of the olive trees are over 2,000 years old, making them the oldest in the world!

It's no surprise that olive oil is the star of many traditional Pugliese dishes, such as orecchiette con cime di rapa (ear-shaped pasta with turnip greens) and frittata di pasta (pasta frittata).

Trulli Magnificent

Alberobello is a small town located in Puglia's province of Bari. It's known for its unique trulli houses, which are traditional houses with conical roofs made of stone and mortar.

Originally built in the 14th century as temporary shelters for farmers and shepherds, these structures are now used as homes, shops, and restaurants, and they are a distinctive feature of the town's landscape.

Lace Making

Lace making has a long history in Puglia. While traditional handmade lace is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, the resulting fabrics are prized for their ornate beauty and delicate intricacy.

Home to a number of artisanal workshops, the region is known for a type of lace called "tombolo," which is made using a technique that involves creating patterns with a single continuous thread.